Mission Beyond Trinity

At Trinity, we see that God is calling us to something more than just planting a church for ourselves. We are part of the movement of the Holy Spirit to redeem all things and all people in all places around the world. We are a local community that is connected to something so much bigger, and our desire is to be generous with what God has given us, by sharing and supporting his work in other places. At the moment, we are excited to support the following ministries both at home here in Chapin and around the world. 

At Home


Back in 1985, it became clear that the best way to help the needy in Chapin and surrounding communities was for the local churches to join together in unity and support a single ministry that would actively seek out the needy and offer help. After careful planning, the We Care Center was born. 

We Care offers food, finances, and legal support to those in need in an extremely efficient, dignifying, and Christ-centered way. As members of the Chapin community, we are excited to offer our prayers and support to the We Care Center and encourage others to join us in helping this ministry.


Around the World


In late 90's, American Anglicans called out to the worldwide Anglican Communion for help in revitalizing and renewing the life of the church in the United States. The Anglican Church of Rwanda responded to that call and because of them, we exist as a church today. 

Since that time, our relationship with the Anglican Church of Rwanda has grown and deepened as we walk together with them in praying for and pursing God's kingdom and will on earth as it is in heaven. 

We are excited to have an ongoing relationship with the Rwandan church and joyfully support their ministry to care for the needy, train the church and protect the weak. You can learn more about serving the Rwandan church at Hope on a Thousand Hills.